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UB Reader

UBReder for Android

Universal Book Reader is a free eBook application allowing you to read EPUB and PDF files. The application comes with stylish and user-friendly interface and provides most comfortable reading experience for both Android smartphones and tablets. An integrated file browser allows users to read any eBook, stored on their device. UB Reader opens Adobe DRM protected files in EPUB format and PDF files.

Version 3.0.532

  • Added ability to customize category cover images
  • Added ability to change default book covers
  • Book covers can now be restored evan after they've been deleted from external storage

Version 3.0 Out Now

  • New user interface and UX of the book library.
  • Side bar navigation in the library.
  • Ability to search for books in the book library.
  • Ability to create new shelves in the library.
  • Ability to sort book in the library by title, author or time of use.
  • Multiple books selection in the library.
  • List and grid views in the library.
  • Extensive book info for each book in the library.
  • Multiple book selection in the library so you can manage group of books easily.
  • Ability to import whole folders of books stored locally on the device in the book library.
  • Localized in 12 languages - French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Russian , Simplified Chinese, Swedish.

UB Reader Features:

  • Easy and fast navigation - page flipping with animations, scroll slider to help you get to desired page easily, go to page or the table of contents.
  • Stylish and user-friendly interface with two different view modes in the book library.
  • Customizable reading experience - font size and type customization, several reading modes for easier day or night reading, brightness adjustment, orientation settings for more convenient reading, depending on your device.
  • Integrated file browser - you can browse and import your own EPUB and PDF files from the memory card on your device.
  • Useful text search features.
  • Bookmark pages of your choice.
  • Books received as email attachments can be imported to UB Reader from the Preview option of the email client.
  • Ability to open EPUB / PDF files from external file browsers.

** Please note: To remove the UB Reader advertisements you need to purchase the UB Reader Full Version Key. **


Product Info

Full Version Price: $3.49
Version: 3.0.559
Updated: 2015-01-28
Platform: Android
Download Type: 7-day trial

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