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Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

What is the MSDict Viewer?

The MSDict Viewer is a dictionary reader especially designed to support multiple dictionaries installed at a time

What limitations are there in the trial version as opposed to the full version of the program?

The MSDict Viewer has a 15-day trial period which allows you to evaluate the program before you decide to purchase it. The trial version if fully functional and there are no limitations except for the 15 days time limitation.

How will I receive the licensing key for the program?

After you purchase the program you will receive an order confirmation message which contains the Unlock key to register the program . Please check all your mail folders for the confirmation message.

How many entries does a particular dictionary have?

  • Concise Oxford English Dictionary - over 240 000 words
  • Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary - over 170,000 words and 240,000 translations
  • Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary - 150,000 words and 250,000 translations
  • Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary - 175,000 words and over 270,000 translations
  • Concise Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary - 175,000 words and over 290,000 translations
  • Concise Oxford Thesaurus - 365,000 alternative and opposite
  • Oxford French Minidictionary - over 100,000 words and phrases
  • Oxford English Minidictionary - over 40,000 words and 50,000 definitions
  • Oxford Portuguese Minidictionary - over 100,000 words and translations
  • Pocket Oxford English Dictionary - over 140,000 words
  • Pocket Oxford-Duden German Dictionary - over 90,000 words and phrases
  • Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary - over 90,000 words
  • Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary - over 80,000 words
  • PONS Gro?wo"rterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache - 77 000 words and over 125 000 definitions and phrases
  • PONS Kompaktwo"rterbuch Englisch-Deutsch - over 65 000 words
  • PONS Kompaktwo"rterbuch Englisch - over 130 000 words, phrases and translations
  • PONS Kompaktwo"rterbuch Deutsch-Englisch - over 65 000 words
  • PONS Standardwo"rterbuch Englisch - over 75 000 words and translations
  • PONS Standardwo"rterbuch Franzosisch - over 75 000 words and translations
  • PONS Standardwo"rterbuch Italienisch - over 75 000 words and translations
  • PONS Standardwo"rterbuch Spanisch - over 75 000 words and translations

What is the file size of a particular dictionary?

  • Concise Oxford English Dictionary - 7,950 KB
  • Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary - 7,02 KB
  • Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary - 5,92 KB
  • Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary - 6,500 KB
  • Concise Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary - 7,54 KB
  • Concise Oxford Thesaurus -3,130 KB
  • Oxford French Minidictionary - 1,100 KB
  • Oxford English Minidictionary - 1,139 KB
  • Oxford Portuguese Minidictionary - 1,35 KB
  • Pocket Oxford English Dictionary - 2,785 KB
  • Pocket Oxford-Duden German Dictionary - 2,880 KB
  • Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary - 3,543 KB
  • Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary - 2,670 KB
  • Oxford Dictionary of Business - 1,171 KB
  • Oxford Dictionary of Idioms - 880 KB
  • Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary - 1,632 KB
  • PONS Gro?wo"rterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache - 5,758 KB
  • PONS Kompaktwo"rterbuch Englisch-Deutsch - 3,055 KB
  • PONS Kompaktwo"rterbuch Englisch - 5,79 KB
  • PONS Kompaktwo"rterbuch Deutsch-Englisch - 2,882 KB
  • PONS Standardwo"rterbuch Englisch - 3,00 KB
  • PONS Standardwo"rterbuch Franzosisch -2,94 KB
  • PONS Standardwo"rterbuch Italienisch - 2,78 KB
  • PONS Standardwo"rterbuch Spanisch - 2,90 KB

Can I install the dictionary to a memory expansion card?

Dictionary databases can be installed either in the main memory of your device or on a memory card. In both cases the main program MSDict Viewer will be able to locate the dictionary and make it accessible.

Does MSDict automatically detect newly imported dictionary databases?

MSDict does not automatically detect newly imported dictionary databases.

To add a newly imported dictionary to MSDict , start the application on your Palm device , tap Menu > Options > Search Dictionaries and choose RAM , Everywhere or Dir , depending on where you have imported the dictionary database. All available dictionaries will be added in the popup menu trigger in the upper right corner of your screen.

"There is no dictionary installed." message appears on tapping MSDict icon and the application does not start.
What do I do now?

This message appears when no dictionary is installed.You should install at least one dictionary database in order to be able to start MSDict.

Please check whether you have enough free space available in the main memory of your device or on your memory card , depending on where you want to place the dictionary database. After that re-import the dictionary database.

I have purchased the MSDict Viewer and the program will not accept the Unlock key sent in the confirmation message. What do I do?

Please check what version of the MSDict Viewer you have installed. You can check this when you start MSDict from the main application launcher and from Menu> Options tap About MSDict. If you do not have the latest version please download it from our web site and register with the Unlock key provided.
Also, check the name of the dictionary which you have installed and make sure you have purchased a licensing key for that particular dictionary. You can check the name from Menu > Options > About this dictionary.

How do I delete a dictionary database from MSDict?

Connect the BlackBerry to the PC.
Open the Desktop Manager and click on the Application Loader. In the Application Loader screen uncheck all of the checkboxes next to the dictionaries and the MSDict and PDBLibrary so that the Action next to each one is set to "Remove".
After that click on Next and then in the next screen click Finish. The device will start to remove the dictionaries. After the device has finished removing the dictionaries start the .exe file whcih you had used to install the program in the first place with (the setup file) and choose to Remove the program from the PC. The program will be uninstalled.

What dictionary databases do I have installed in MSDict?

To see what dictionary databases are installed to MSDict , start MSDict and choose Menu > Change Dictionaries. A list of all available dictionaries will be shown.

Do I need to install and purchase MSDict Viewer to use a dictionary?

The MSDict Viewer comes as a free program with each of our dictionaries and you do not need to purchase it separately.

Can I start MSDict from third party program and check word meanings?

No, MSDict can not be started from third party applicaitons.

I get a message "No additional applications for your device found"

The error you are receiving is a BlackBerry Desktop error and you can find more information about it here . Most likely, you need to upgrade the RIM Desktop Manager and install the proper device software for your model BlackBerry to your PC Another indication that this is the problem is that "List additional applications stored on the device" option on the Device Loader screen is grayed out. Please upgrade the Desktop and install the device software on the PC and then you will be able to install the program.