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MobiSystems Database 7

Manage and create databases right on your Palm handheld. The intuitive user-friendly interface of MobiSystems Database allows you to deal with relational databases, queries, user-defined forms and linked tables with a few taps of the stylus. MobiSystems Database offers a wide range of functionalities and 18 supported field type formats, queries and forms.


  • 17 supported field types, including calculated, conditionals, memos, check boxes, DateTime and lists
  • Ability to interrelate table fields within one database
  • Assign icons and whole images to table fields
  • Categorize databases
  • Protect your data with separate passwords for reading, modifying, designing and beaming
  • Ability to assign passwords to each separate object - database, table, query or form and this way hide specific data


  • Create tables with unlimited number of records
  • Insert memos, dates, calculated and conditional expressions and even images as fields
  • Primary Keys ensuring that each record in the table is unique

screenshot screenshot


  • Create custom forms to visualize tables or queries exactly the way you want them to appear
  • Ability to create 12 different object types
  • Custom toolbars in forms design to help you insert objects and change their properties in a few taps of the stylus
  • Insert action buttons allowing you to navigate back or forward in table records or even modify records
  • Ability to create user-defined applications based on MobiSystems Database forms
  • Ability to open a form from within other form


  • Filter table records satisfying set criteria
  • Include only selected fields in the result table

Embedded Images and Icons

  • Support of two different image types - Icon and Image
  • Assign icons to table fields
  • Insert images with unlimited size
  • Built-in image viewer
  • JPEG files supported
  • Compatibility with MobiSystems Paint, allowing you to modify images used in MobiSystems Database or even create new one on your Palm handheld

screenshot screenshot

New Features in MobiSystems Database 7

  • Support of native CSV files.
  • New field type Links that allows you to view all linked records to the current record.
  • Completely rearranged data organization in MobiSystems Database with separate file for each database on the PDA.
  • Ability to access the previous record field values in Expression field type.
  • Ability to exchange databases, tables and records via Bluetooth, IR, and mail.


Product Info

Full Version Price: $29.99
Version: 7.25
Updated: 2009-08-19
Platform: PalmOS
Download Type: 30-day trial