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Quick PDF Scanner

Бързо сканиране към PDF или Doc файлове и дигитализиране на документи с много страници чрез Вашата камера. Лесно експортиране на Вашите документи или създаване на нови в движение.

$19.99 за година


Най-коректното проследяване в реално време

  1. Проследявайте и маркирайте точно краищата на документа.

  2. Използвайте бързото автоматично улавяне, за да снимате в най-добрия момент.

  3. Работете в портретна или пейзажна ориентация на устройството.


Пакетно сканиране за документи с много страници

Бързата обработка на страници в приложението ще Ви позволи да сканирате множество страници с пакетното сканиране и да ги комбинирате в един PDF или DOC файл.

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Разширени ефекти след сканиране за PDFи с най-добър резултат

Конфигуриране на ефектите за цвят: Баланс на бялото, компенсация на експозицията и потребителски
Пренастройване на сканираните страници с ново мащабиране, нива на изрязване и дефиниране на потребителски размери на страници.
Запазване като редактируеми PDF или DOC файлове с Оптичното разпознаване на символи.

Снимка на екрана


Версия: 5.2.715
Обновено: 2018-09-04
Лиценз: Full Version

Whether you're sending receipts to your employer from the field or saving a magazine article for later, Quick PDF Scanner will help you scan and digitize your paper documents with ease. The latest Quick PDF Scanner introduces a completely overhauled interface, much faster image processing to make capturing your documents swifter than ever and intelligent real-time edge detection.

  • Flexible and modern user interface to suit your needs
  • Real-time tracking of your document frame, providing the quickest and most accurate edge detection available for Android
  • Advanced camera configuration and full customization of the resulting PDF file
  • Optical Character Recognition for swift photo-to-text conversions in 49 languages
ADVANCED SCANNING - Portable document scanning with a wide range of advanced camera features.
  • Streamlined interface to make faster scans
  • Real-time tracking of your document frame
  • Batch scanning for multi-page documents
  • Ability to readjust scanned pages with new zoom and crop levels
  • Custom scene and focus modes
  • Image capture in portrait and landscape orientation
  • Configurable color effects including white balance and exposure compensation along with custom contrast in brighten threshold mode
INTELLIGENT IMPORT OF EXTERNAL IMAGES - Import images and add them to your PDF documents.
  • Advanced integration with File Commander for easier image importing
  • Save scanned documents as images
  • Supports BMP, GIF, PNG, WEBP, and JPEG image formats
  • Work with external/internal device storage and create PDFs from existing image files
  • Import from connected cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive and more
PDF EXPORT AND CONFIGURATION - Configure your PDFs to get the best possible accuracy and quality
  • Multi-page Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for easy document digitization
  • Automatic Backup and Restore to a connected Google Drive account
  • Custom page size - from the commonly used A4 and letter formats to any user-defined size
  • Cover page creator - for a document to be shown as a thumbnail in the documents list
  • Delete, add, copy, and move pages in custom documents
  • Save individual pages as images
  • Specify page formats, margins, quality, and resolution
  • Advanced PDF configuration can be applied to the whole document or just a single page
EASY PDF MANAGEMENT AND SHARING - Browse, manage, store, and share your created PDFs
  • Print to networked and cloud-connected printers
  • Favorites and Recent folders for easy access to created PDFs
  • Sort documents by their name, number of pages, and time of creation
  • Search by document name
  • Share via email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, social networks, and cloud storage accounts
Какво ново?
Version: 5.2.715
  • Bug fixes and improvements
Version: 5.2.712
  • Smaller app size
  • Design Improvements
  • Bug fixes
Version: 5.2.695
  • Support for Android Oreo
  • Improved saving to SD Cards
  • Undo option in the manual Crop feature
  • More correction options in the OCR feature
  • Title of shared PDFs can now be customized
  • Bug fixes and improvements
Version: 4.4.520
  • Spell checking of OCR results
  • New Magic Mode for color correction with smart image handling in documents
  • Save in DOC format after OCR
  • Import of password protected PDF files
  • Stability fixes and improvements