Collins Gem Arabic Dictionary

The Collins Arabic Gem Dictionary offers extensive and up-to-date coverage of Arabic and English for all language levels.



Version: 3.2.105
Updated: 2012-03-22
License: 7-day trial
Collins Arabic Gem Dictionary offers learners extensive and up-to-date coverage of Arabic and English in a compact, portable format. This Arabic dictionary is designed for all levels of language learner, whether at home, at school, or at work. It is the ideal text for anyone who needs a wealth of reliable information in a portable format.

  • Collins Arabic Gem Dictionary contains all the everyday words and phrases used in today's Arabic and English that you will need to know.
  • An easy-to-use and reliable dictionary.
  • A two-way dictionary: Arabic-English and English-Arabic.
  • The clear colour layout ensures that you can quickly find the information you need.
  • All Arabic words, phrases and translations are transcribed using the revised Arabic romanization system – ideal for beginners.


The Collins Arabic Gem Dictionary is here presented in MSDict electronic format. MSDict offers best experience in mobile reference and is available for any handheld platform.

    • Quick dynamic search of words while you type
    • Transcriptions facilitating pronunciation
    • Hyperlinks between different related words
    • History to see the last 50 words you have looked up
    • Support for memory cards
    • Filters to help you locate the word you are searching for:
      • Fuzzy filter- used when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word
      • Keyword-used to locate the instances of a key word within other compound words
      • Wild card - "?" and "*" replace a letter and group of letters in words
    • Fast article scrolling
    • Ability to have dictionary Word of the day as a widget on the phone home screen
    • Ability to search words in the installed dictionaries through the standard phone search feature