File Commander Permissions

How does File Commander use the granted permissions on your phone?

  • In-app purchases - Used to purchase an File Commander Pro/Premium license or added extra from within the File Commander app.
  • Reorder running apps, retrieve running apps - Used in case you open an instance of File Commander through a file browser, and then try to open that file again from within File Commander. File Commander will inform you and automatically switch to the already opened instance.
  • Manage document storage, modify/delete internal media storage contents - Used for read/writing File Commander files to and from your device.
  • Google Play license check - Checks your File Commander professional license against the Google Play servers.
  • Modify or delete USB/SD card contents - Used for saving files on SD memory cards and attached external storage.
  • Prevent device from sleeping - Used to keep the screen from sleeping (e.g. while running a PowerPoint presentation).
  • Read phone status and identity - Used for reading the device IMEI to generate a unique license key for File Commander.
  • Full network access - Used for accessing the internet (like opening a remote/network/cloud account e.g. Google Drive, DropBox, Box, etc.).
  • Add or remove accounts, use accounts on the device - The Google accounts registered on the phone are used for access to Google Drive and thus you do not have to enter the account credentials in File Commander.
  • Run at startup - Used for file search in the File Commander file browser.
  • View Wi-Fi connections, connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi - Used for reading the device MAC address and to generate an File Commander license key (for tablets or devices without SIM cards).
  • View/change network connectivity - Used to determine the type of internet connection is currently active (Wi-Fi, mobile, etc.), and to connect to the File Commander update server.
  • Find accounts on the device - Used to access already-registered Google Drive accounts.