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Setting up your e-mail

Adding an account within Aqua Mail is easy! Simply open the Menu, choose "Add an account" and select the appropriate type of account. Aqua Mail supports most IMAP, POP3 and EWS providers.

Quick log-in options are available for:

  • Gmail or Google Apps
  • Hotmail or
  • Yahoo or Yandex
  • Office 365
  • Exchange mail
  • Other mail (AOL, Fastmail, GMX and other mail providers)

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Aqua Mail connects to Exchange accounts using Exchange Web Services (EWS).

If your settings when connecting are not automatically recognized you will have to take further steps to ensure compatibility.

First confirm with your server administrator that EWS connections are enabled. You also have to obtain the correct settings for connecting to the server.

After that, proceed using the Manual option under "Exchange" when adding your account.

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AOL requires that you generate an app specific password for use in third party apps like Aqua Mail. To generate a password you must:

  • Open your AOL account in a web browser and go to your account options
  • Under Account Security, scroll down to select Generate app password
  • In the following windows select Other App and write the name of the app

When adding your account in Aqua Mail instead of your normal password, use the one you have just generated.

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Apple requires that any apps accessing iCloud accounts use application specific passwords.

To set up and iCloud e-mail within Aqua Mail use Apple's support guide located here.

When adding an account in Aqua Mail instead of your normal password, use the one you have just generated.

Did you find this helpful? restrict their mail service to specific mobile operators and wi-fi networks. Due to this restriction the automatic configuration used by Aqua Mail is for POP3.

To add your account, use the "Other Mail" option from the menu and follow the steps. If IMAP is preferred, go through the Manual settings and select IMAP for Server type.

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To add a signature to your account you must go to Settings > Manage Accounts. Select the desired e-mail and tap Signature.

Aqua Mail supports plain text, rich text and HTM input in the Signature module. Photos and links can also be added. For all non-plain text signatures text formatting must be enabled beforehand.

Note: For HTML, make sure the code contains the <html></html> tags in order to be recognized. If correct, you should see a preview of how your HTML signature will look.

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Identities allow you to choose from multiple addresses when replying to received messages. To set up an identity, go to Settings > Manage Accounts. Select your account and choose Identities. To allow replies from your identity an outgoing server must be configured when creating it. Additional customization options for sinagures, CC and BCC are available on a per-identity basis.

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