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The issue is caused by an update to Android System WebViewYou can either:

  1. Revert to the stock version of WebView/Chrome from the Play Store and disable the updates of the app.

  2. Use a workaround by disabling Aqua Mail's New Message Editor in Settings > Composing and Sending > New Message editor.

    Android System WebView is a system component maintained by Google which handles various functions inside apps. On some devices and Android versions, instead of WebView, Google Chrome is used for the same functions. We also have an extensive discussion on our forum here.

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There are several ways to activate Aqua Mail Pro depending on your purchase method.

Please select the relevant option:

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Aqua Mail performs the functions of a mail client. Your actual mailbox, login credentials and e-mails are stored by your mail provider.

If you forgot your password, you should visit your mail provider's website and follow the steps they give for resetting your password.

You cannot reset or access the account passwords in Aqua Mail after the initial login. This is to ensure the security of your credentials.

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Starting with Android 6.0 a Doze mode feature was included which optimizes memory and battery life by restricting app background usage when the device is not in use.
Aqua Mail will notify you within Settings > Mail, receiving if it is not allowed to update your e-mail in the background.

You can also adjust which apps are affected by Doze mode in your device settings:

  • On Samsung phones go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery. You’ll want the “Power saving mode” to be OFF. Under App power monitor, find Aqua Mail and change it's status to "unmonitored apps".

  • On Xiaomi phones go to Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & Performance > Manage apps battery usage > Whitelist Aqua Mail

  • On Huawei phones go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery manager -> Protected apps -> Set Aqua Mail as Protected

  • On ASUS phones go to the Mobile manager app > Auto-start manager > Allow for Aqua Mail

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This can happen when the name of the deleted folder has changed on the server. Aqua Mail is still looking for the old name of the folder and cannot perform the action of deleting the messages.

To fix this issue go to Settings > Manage accounts > Select your account > Folders >
Tap "Deleted" and select "Sync with Deleted" (this may already be the chosen option, re-select it if so) > Refresh the account.

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If you have a gap in synced messages, see very old messages that would not normally be synced or see very few of your new messages, adjust the following setting:
Long press on the account > Options and folders > Account options.
Change the “Messages to sync” setting from a number based value (“25 messages” etc.) to a date range based value (“last 7 days”, etc.)
Refresh the account.

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Gmail has a special folder called All Mail which contains copies of messages in all folders. If your account is syncing this folder you will receive all of your messages twice.

To adjust this behaviour go to Settings > Manage accounts > Select your account > Folders > Select All Mail and choose "Archive, do not sync". Refresh your account.

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