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When you create an account, you get:

  • 5GB free cloud storage for any files on MobiDrive.
  • File Commander Premium (lifetime license) users get 15GB on MobiDrive.  
  • File Commander Premium+ (subscription) users get 50GB on MobiDrive.
Your account helps synchronize your app settings and recent files between your devices and to transfer your license between platforms (Google <> Amazon <> Huawei).

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You can easily add a new email address to your existing account, and still retain your cloud storage and account settings.

*Note that you will not be able to add an existing account as an alias. In case you had created an account with the new email, the workaround is to delete that account.

1. Tap Menu.

2. Tap your account/Manage account.

3. Tap Add email address.

4. Type your new email and click Continue.

5. Verify the new email.

You can now use File Commander with either email.

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You may want to change your password for security reasons, or you may have forgotten your password and you want to reset it.

Change password: 

  1. Open File Commander. Tap Menu, tap on your account.
  2. Tap Change password.
  3. Type your old password, then type the new one and confirm it.
  4. Tap Change password

Reset password: 
  1. On the Sign-in window, tap 'Forgot password?'
  2. Type your email, tap Reset password, tap Continue.
  3. Check your email for the password reset link.
  4. Follow the link in the password reset email to create a new password.

If you do not find the email, check spam. If you did not receive the email, contact us.
If you get 'Account does not exist', you may have signed up with Google or Facebook

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When you sign up with Google or Facebook, your newly created MobiSystems account will adopt your Google email or the email on your Facebook account.

However, you can not sign in to your MobiSystems account with this email, because you did not set up a custom password. Instead, on the Sign in window,

  • choose the original sign-in method.

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The automatic sign-in option for MobiSystems accounts allows you to use File Commander, OfficeSuite, and MobiDrive apps simultaneously without the need to sign in to each one.

If you are installing OfficeSuite for the first time, but you are signed in to one of the other MobiSystems apps on your device, logging in to OfficeSuite will be automatic.

If you sign in with a different account in one of the apps, the same account will be automatically used for the other apps on your device.

*Automatic sign-in option and MS system account provisioning will be available only after app upgrade (app versions File Commander 7.3 +, OfficeSuite 11.3 +, MobiDrive 1.2 +).

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You would like to add your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive account(s) to File Commander.

1. Tap the Navigation drawer.

2. Tap 'Add cloud.

3. Tap the provider you have an account with.

4. Enter the credentials you use with the third-party provider and confirm.

Your newly added cloud account will appear in the Navigation drawer and Home.

*Note that
· You can add more than one account per provider.

· Business and enterprise cloud services and 2-step verification accounts are not supported.

· We cannot guarantee the performance of other providers listed on the 'Add cloud' screen.

· Google Drive is not supported in File Commander for Amazon AppStore.

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File Commander Premium license includes the features and functionalities below.
• 5GB cloud storage
• Recycle bin
• Storage analyzer
• Vault
• Music player
• Show hidden files and folders
• Favorites

File Commander Premium+ license includes everything from File Commander Premium and 50GB + unlimited conversions.
Unlimited file conversion to more than 1200 file formats.
50 GB cloud storage
• Recycle bin
• Storage analyzer
• Vault
• Music player
• Show hidden files and folders
• Favorites

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Third store purchase
You have purchased File Commander Premium or subscribed to File Commander Premium+ on a third store - Google Play store, Amazon Appstore, Huawei AppGallery, Galaxy Store.

When you purchase File Commander Premium or File Commander Premium+ on a third store, your File Commander license will associate with your account. This means you can restore your license on new or reset devices. To restore your File Commander license without paying for it again:

  1. Make sure you are signed into the correct Google, Amazon, Huawei account before downloading the app from the store.
  2. Tap Menu, tap Sign in. Sign into your account with us.
Note that purchases you make on third app stores do not require a redeem code or a key. purchase
You have purchased a lifetime license or a one-year activation key on, or received an activation key. You will find your activation key in your confirmation email.
Example of a File Commander Premium+ activation key: AAAA-AAAA

  1. Open File Commander.
  2. In the Navigation drawer, tap Activate with key.
  3. Apply your key.
  4. If you haven't already, sign into your account with us or sign up first.

Note that your key is an one-off key. Your key will upgrade your account. It is not possible or necessary to apply the key twice. Instead, on other, new, or reset Android devices:

  1. Open the app.
  2. In the Navigation drawer, tap Sign in.
  3. Sign into your account.

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If you are a File Commander Premium user, your license will offer all premium features unlocked on a maximum of 5 devices.

To add a device to your File Commander license, simply log in to your account on an additional device.

Here’s how to remove devices linked to your File Commander:

1. On File Commander, tap the navigational drawer.

2. Tap Manage Account.

3. Tap More Settings.

4. Under Subscriptions & Purchases, tap the license you want to manage.

5. Tap Remove.

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