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File transfer

When you sign up for a MobiSystems account, you get cloud storage included. Your cloud storage allowance will vary with your license level.

  • 5GB for free

  • 15GB for Premium users

  • 50GB for Premium+ users

To see your storage allowance and how much of that is already used

  • check the MobiDrive storage bar on Home, or
    check the MobiDrive icon in the Navigation drawer.

Upload to MobiDrive
1. Tap the MobiDrive storage bar or tap the MobiDrive icon in the navigation drawer. 
2. Tap the + button, tap Upload a file
3. Locate and select your file. Tap OK

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To remove a third-party cloud account from the app, 

  1. Open File Commander. 

  2. In the Navigation drawer, long tap on the cloud account you want to remove. 

  3. Confirm

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You can transfer images, videos and other files between your computer or laptop and your mobile devices over your Wi-Fi network. Note that your PC and mobile device must be on the same Wi-Fi network for PC File Transfer to work.

1. Tap the PC File Transfer tile on Home. If you do not find the tile, tap the Customize button in the rop right first.
2. Toggle PC File Transfer on.
3. Enter the generated address in your PC web browser to access the device.

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Using File Commander, you can move and paste files and folders from and to your SD card on Android 5 or higher devices. To paste or rename a file or a folder, you will be asked to grant the app 'write' permissions. 

  1. On the Hint window, tap OK

  2. Tap the contextual menu in the top right, tap Show SD card.

  3. In the navigation drawer, select the top-level 'SD card', and not a sub-folder. 

  4. Tap Grant write permissions or tap Allow. 
Take a moment to watch this screen recording

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You can send or share your file.

  1. Locate the file you want to share, either through the relevant storage bar or Category.
  2. Select the file or files one-by-one, or Select All on top. 

  3. Tap the Contextual menu on the top rightmost corner, tap Share.

Next, when you send a file, you can:

  • Send a copy of it as an attachment. Tap Send a copy.

  • Save it to MobiDrive and provide a link. Tap Share as link.  

Send multiple files

You can send or share multiple files in one go. 
  1. Select the files you want to send one-by-one, or Select All on top.

  2. Tap the Contextual menu, tap Zip

  3. Give the zip a name. Tap OK to compress the selected files.

  4. Send or share the output zip file. 

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