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Add a new e-mail to my account.

When your old e-mail address or phone number does not suit you anymore, but you want to keep your cloud storage and account settings, you can add a new e-mail address to your existing account.
Note that you will not be able to add an existing account as an alias. If you have created an account with the new e-mail, the workaround is to delete that account. The steps to add an e-mail vary between platforms.

The steps to add an e-mail vary between platforms. 

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1. Open PDF Extra and tap Menu.

2. Tap My Account.

3. Tap Add email address.

4. Type your new email address and verify with Continue.

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You may want to change your password for security reasons, or you may have forgotten your password and you want to reset it.

The steps to change or reset your password vary between platforms. 

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Change password

1. Open PDF Extra. Tap Menu.

2. Tap on your account/Manage Account.

3. Tap Change password.

4. Type your old password, then type the new one and confirm it with Change Password.

Reset password

In case you are trying to sign in, but you've forgotten your password:

1. Tap Menu.

2. Tap Sign-in.

3. Tap email.

4. Tap 'Forgot password?'

5. Type your email where you want to receive instructions, and tap Reset password.

6. Check your email for the password reset link.
7. Follow the link in the password reset email to create a new password.

If you do not find the email, check spam. If you did not receive the email, contact us.

If you get 'Account does not exist', you may have signed up with Google or Facebook.

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When your first sign-up is using Google or Facebook, your newly created MobiSystems account will adopt your Google email or the email on your Facebook account. 

However, if you want to create a complete MobiSystems account, select the email option and create a custom password.

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You want to delete your MobiSystems account. 
Deleting your MobiSystems account means you will not be able to use it to sign in to the MobiSystems apps you have been using. It also deletes your MobiDrive and files. This can not be undone. 

Deleting your MobiSystems account will not cancel your trial or subscription with a third-party seller. You must cancel your subscription to end your subscription with a third-party seller. 

To delete your account: 
1. Sign in to your account

2. Choose Delete.

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