OfficeSuite Permissions

How OfficeSuite uses the granted permissions on your phone?

  • Read SMS or MMS - Used for opening documents attached to MMS messages.
  • Modify/delete SD card contents - Used for saving files on SD memory cards.
  • Prevent phone from sleeping - Used for keeping the screen from sleeping (e.g. while running a PowerPoint presentation).
  • Reorder running applications, retrieve running applications - If a document is opened from external file browser and you try to open it via the file browser in OfficeSuite, the task is switched to the already opened file.
  • Read phone state and identity - For reading the device IMEI which is used for generating a unique license key for OfficeSuite.
  • Full internet access - Used for accessing the Internet (e.g. while you open a remote Google Drive, DropBox or Box account).
  • Manage the accounts list, use the authentication credentials of an account - The Google accounts registered on the phone are used for access to Google Drive and thus user does not have to enter the account credentials in OfficeSuite.
  • Automatically start at boot - Used for file search in the OfficeSuite file browser.
  • View Wi-Fi state - For Reading the device Mac address which is used for OfficeSuite license key (for tablets or devices without sim card).
  • Control vibrator - Vibration is used for user feedback in some cases.
  • Discover known accounts - Used for access to already registered Google Drive accounts.